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Why work with Hill & Smith Solar?

Why work with Hill & Smith Solar?

Hill & Smith Solar is a division of Hill & Smith Limited, a company that can look back on many years of invaluable experience when it comes to design, manufacture and supply of steel products. We are proud to be a market leader for infrastructure products in the United Kingdom and work with customers worldwide.

Hill & Smith Solar benefits from the group's wealth of experience and has built seamlessly on the success of its parent company Hill & Smith Limited – we have supplied more than 100 MW of PV ground mount structures across Europe in our first two years. Our portfolio includes projects in the UK, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Hill & Smith Solar has designed bespoke racking systems for a variety of locations, including many with more challenging ground conditions - these include a system with three different foundation solutions for the first brownfield solar park in Wales, a system following a 20 degree slope in north-south direction for a 10 MW project in an old sandpit in Germany, and a purpose-built concrete ballast foundation to overcome rocky ground conditions and high wind loads in the first ground mount project in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We can offer a range of foundation options including post-driven solutions, ground anchor, concrete ballast and purlin foundations. Our customers do not only appreciate the innovative and cost saving features of our ground mount systems, but also highly value our continuous professional and personal support during all stages of the project. Most of our clients have used our system more than once – that speaks for itself! We understand the needs of our customers and aim to go out of our way to provide a dedicated service along with a system that is tailored to suit individual project requirements. With cost being a key driver in the development of solar installations, we strive to respond quickly to market opportunities and challenges to be able to offer you top quality at a fair price.

As part of Hill & Smith Holdings PLC, we adhere to the highest quality standards for both design and manufacture. Hill & Smith Solar applies the Eurocode in the design of its racking systems and offers a longterm structural warranty of up to 25 years underwritten by Hill & Smith Holdings PLC.

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