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SolarKIT – The only panel slide-in system for small-scale PV installations from a size as little as 3kWp

SolarKIT – The only panel slide-in system for small-scale PV installations from a size as little as 3kWp

SolarKIT is a new, standardised PV racking system that comes as a kit and includes all components required for ground mount installations between 3kW and 1MW. Panels are simply slid into the rail which makes installation particularly quick and easy. We use high-quality components which make the SolarKIT a durable product and a safe investment at a competitive price. Since we stock in the UK, we are in a position to dispatch immediately.

Why choose SolarKIT?

  • New and cost-effective design tailored to meet the requirements of small-scale PV installations
  • The only panel slide-in system kit for small-scale PV installations – no clamps required and individual panels can be exchanged easily
  • Minimal amount of system components
  • The system is especially easy, fast and economic to install
  • Reliable, high-quality product that is designed for long-term durability
  • Highly corrosion-resistant material: hot-dip galvanised steel (posts) and zinc-magnesium-coated steel (framework)
  • U-shaped plastic spacers as an additional corrosion protection between the panel and the steel system
  • Delivery to the production site in line with the customer’s production schedule
  • Immediate availability due to UK stock – delivery time approximately five days from day of order
  • Hill & Smith Solar can support in optimising the customer’s project layout (arrangement of tables on site) if required
  • If required, Hill & Smith Solar is able to organise installation services such as post driving, assembly of the ground mount system and insertion of PV panels
  • 15 years product warranty

Technical Facts:

  • Single leg design
  • Driven post foundation
  • Panels can be mounted in portrait or landscape orientation
  • Angle: 20°, 25°, 30° or 35°
  • Individual tables are interconnectable
  • Estimated assembly time: 40 kW / day (5-6 workers)
  • Suitable for wind loads of up to 25 m/s; category II; altitude 150m (Eurocode: 1991-1-4)
  • Suitable for snow loads as per zone 4; altitude 150m (Eurocode: 1991-1-3)
  Table Options
2 x 6 Portrait
(60 cell panel)
2 x 18 Portrait
(60 cell panel)
3 x 7 Landscape
(60 cell panel)
3 x 3 Landscape
(72 cell panel)
Table dimensions (length x width x height) 6050 mm
3263 mm
2323 mm
18150 mm
3263 mm
2323 mm
18150 mm
3263 mm
2323 mm
6050 mm
3263 mm
2323 mm
Weight of components per table 230 kg 670 kg 800 kg 350 kg
Length of standard post 3489 mm
Length of standard rails 6050 mm
Distance between the ground and the first panel (bottom edge) 20° → 984 mm
25° → 770 mm
30° → 564 mm
35° → 366 mm
Suitable panel height 1640 – 1665 mm 1950 – 1985 mm
Suitable panel width 980 – 1005 mm 980 – 1005 mm
Suitable panel height 30, 35, 38, 40 or 45 mm

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