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SolaPac Container

The SolaPac is a flexible and quick solution to providing cost effective, long-term renewable energy 24 hours a day. The mobile unit comes in an ISO 20ft or 40ft container and can be installed within a few hours. It delivers power to remote sites or can be integrated with existing electricity systems providing an immediate cost reduction wherever the demand is.

The SolaPac is designed to integrate with a diesel generator or electricity feeder to provide firm 24/7 power from a sustainable solar source. Where diesel generation is the only alternative, cost savings greater than 50% with a pay back of less than 3 years can be achieved.

The SolaPac is suitable for:

  • Rural and remote communities
  • Water irrigation
  • Military
  • Government
  • Non-Government Organisations
  • Construction industry
  • Mining and energy industry
  • Health and education services
  • Major events
  • Other operators requiring ‘off-grid’ generation

Why choose SolaPac?

  • Easy field installation – from delivery to installation in 4 hours
  • Flexible generation and easy integration into on and off-grid assets
  • Unique and sustainable generation solution to rural communities
  • Reliable power capacity of up to 44.1kW
  • Established production facilities with substantial future capacity
  • Transferable usage for rural communities, industry & the military
  • Cost effective solution providing instant savings

The SolaPac – Savings over Diesel

The SolaPac is solar PV in a box and comes with the Hill & Smith Solar steel framework, solar panels and inverter.

The SolaPac is a UK innovation originated by Greenheart Energy Ltd, a UK renewable energy market leader and co-designed with Hill & Smith Solar.

View the Sola Pac technical brochure.


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